Harings Rob

a developer from Belgium
Harings Rob
Hi there, I am Rob Harings, a developer from Belgium.

I work mostly with PHP but besides that I have also worked alot with other languages.

Currently active as a freelance Drupal consultant. Developing custom modules/api integrations and improving and optimizing workflows by introducing to and integrating continuous integration, testing and project management tools.

Besides this, I am working on a pet/animal related startup and I work on various side projects.

I have close to 10 years of developing experience, and I love building tools to make development and project management more fun.

This blog is a way for me to express my findings and bring my knowledge to the world. It is, as a developer, imporant to constantly improve yourself and learn from others.

Some history

My love for programming comes from my love of computers. When I was 10 I was already buying parts, building and installing computers, messing them up and doing it all over again (and again).

When I was 15, I decided to stop going to school full time and I chose to go for a work/school kind of education.

As an IT specialist it was my job to fix computers (hardware and software), but as years went by, this became a daily routine, which resulted in me being a bit bored.

To make my work more interesting, I started developing small CMD scripts and automated installation images to give myself some more free time.

Surprisingly there was time enough after doing this, and I started to learn how to develop websites in ASP classic.

From ASP I went on and learned PHP, then I learned the Zend framework and later I specialized in Drupal.


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