About me


I'm Harings Rob, a 25 year old male developer from Belgium.

Starting some development in 2008 using ASP (classic), I noticed pretty fast that developing is my thing. Since 2010 I'm a full time Drupal developer.

After developing with ASP classic and a bit of php for about 2 years, including the zend framework and codeIgniter which I used to write a few CMS systems. I realized it was time to set a focus, and dive into open source. Considering the many options like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and many more, I chose for Drupal.

Besides developing myself, I also like to teach Drupal development, Drupal introductions and introducing company's to a git workflow.

Why Drupal?

In the beginning there was no specific reason, but Drupal, compared to other CMS systems provided me a lot more flexibility and stability. The growing availability of modules, themes and documentation, made it easy for me to dive in. Together with the Pro Drupal development book, I became a capable developer in no time.
Drupal association


Now, years since I started working with Drupal, I have done many different projects such as: small websites, internal projects, back offices, government websites.

I focus mainly on back end development. Trying to do more for the community by attending code sprints, meet ups, conferences, contribute and provide support on irc. (Especially Drupal commerce).

Skill set

I have experience in the following coding languages:

  • PHP
  • Javascript (jQuery)
  • HTML (including html5)
  • CSS (including ccs3, Sass, Less)

And I've worked with the following PHP frameworks:

  • Zend Framework
  • Codeigniter
  • Symfony

In my free time..

.. there is a chance that you will still find me behind my computer, why? I love writing code and learn new stuff. Do I do other things as well?

Of course, I love to travel, sometimes blog, go out. Movie and tv show addict, however it is sometimes hard to find the time.


Drupal consulting

I provide my services short to long term. Able to work remotely and in agile working environments.


I manage a set of VPS servers optimized for small/medium sized Drupal websites.

Module development

Need a Drupal module? I provide personalized module development.

Theme implementations

I can implement your html template into Drupal 7 or 8!


Garage schrooten
European commission

Fun facts

5 plane flights

5076 cups of coffee

Over 3700 commits in the last year

7 Projects on Drupal.org